Manufacturing Engineer 15-00110 SS

Manufacturing Engineer
Located near Woodstock, IL
Permanent position
Salary range: 55-85k
Must Have:
Bachelor's degree in Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering
3+ years of progressive manufacturing engineering experience
Preferred: Related manufacturing environment making "things that move : Forklift, Automotive, Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment, Heavy Industrial OR any complex machine with parts that move which could include dishwashers, washer/dryers, food equipment (ice cream machines), ATV's, medical equipment with moving parts, etc
Open to: Tier 1 Suppliers, Component or Parts Manufacturers
Open to: 2+ years of experience with fabrication OR assembly systemsin a manufacturing setting
2+ years of experience with engineering Systems (3D CAD, Shop Floor Documentation, and Problem Solving)
2+ years of project management (specifically scheduling, making recommendations for investments, etc ) experience
Nice to Have:
Strongly Preferred: Broader experience, not a specialist in one area
Strongly Preferred: Progressive experience from entry level to ME to Sr. ME
Experience with related Manufacturing Systems (Machining, Paint, Material Distribution)
Experience with related Engineering Systems (Tool/Fixture Design, ERP, Lean Manufacturing Principles, Six Sigma, ECN Process)
Experience with related Project Management (Documentation Development)
Espo Engineering Corp.
Willowbrook, IL 60527
(630) 789-2525
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